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7-18-2014 ~ Updated - 5 clips Posted. 

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Yes, I know the site is a PITA right now, but hopefully that will change soon. I had a local developer that was supposed to be working on it, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Like everything else, I'll do it myself. It's just going to take longer than I would have liked.


There are approximately a total of 60 image sets posted in the members area... Mostly really old sets of Christina Carter, Nikki Dublais, Nicole davidson, Sweet T, and many others.

9-1-2011 ~ New Format In Effect!

**Please Read** For those of you that are members of my Yahoo group, you knew this was coming. Starting today I am changing how is updated. I'm starting today, Sept 1st, with 10 videos. These Videos are the FULL length High Quality versions that I offer on my Clips4Sale store. The next update will be in 2 weeks on 9-15-2011. At that time the oldest 5 Videos will be removed and 5 New ones will take there place. The site will be updated with 5 New clips every week after that and the oldest 5 will be removed.

Images: I will start posting all of the image sets I have ever done in a new area on the site. As of today. 9-1-2011, there are none, but I will continue to upload them as time permits. Once I upload an image set, It will stay up permanently.

Cost: Yes the price will increase. The clips I'm uploading range in length from 15 min to an hour in length. They are very large files. The newest clips are also 1920 x 720 HD. If you have an old computer, you might experience choppy playback, although I have only had 1 complaint about this so far. Having said this, bandwidth and server costs will increase for me and the membership costs will increase. I'm planning on $24.99 for the 1st month and then $19.99 recurring. I will most likely offer a $99.99 6 month option as well.

I will be adding preview links and Clip info, such as bitrate and length soon. You can access that info now at my Clips4Sale store.


Updates For 7-17-2014 Through 7-23-2014

Taylor + Leather = FUN - Part 3

 This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I use a few more leather straps to hogtie Taylor. I order her to struggle for us again. After Taylor struggles for a while, I realize that she still has to much movement for my liking, so I once again make her bondage a bit more stringent, by attaching a chain to her arm binder and connecting it to the ceiling. Yeah, it could still be tighter, but it's a big improvement. Taylor can still struggle if she puts in the effort, but not much. At the end of the clip, I remove the armbinder, gag, and straps. I order her to stay on her stomach with her legs spread, arms behind her back, and her head up looking straight ahead. She obeys and the clip ends shortly after.

Clip is 22 minutes and 23 seconds in duration

Sassy is Captured, Manhandled, Belt Whipped, Clamped, Tounge Tied, Nose Hooked, etc - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Sassy's captor takes the rope that had secured her waist to the post and now uses it to secure her waist to the chair. As is her gag wasn't strapped in tight enough, It gets shoved in her mouth further when he starts wrapping elastic vetwrap around it. He doesn't stop there though... he continues wrapping her head with it until the entire roll is used up. He now ropes up each of her ankles to the sides of the chair. He leaves her for a bit, but finally returns with some thin twine. He uses it to tightly bind Sassy's tits. Of course he's going to slap and squeeze them now, who could resist? He removes her blindfold and gag. You can tell it was tight by the deep gag strap marks on her cheeks. He now shoves a huge sponge in her mouth that is about the same size as her head. It's secured by many wraps of clear tape. Sassy's captor leaves, but returns with a thin wooden paddle. He clasps one hand over her gagged mouth and then starts smacking her bound tits with the paddle. In between the tit smacking he smacks her pussy with it as well. After what seems like an eternity of tit and pussy slapping, the man leaves her to endure her bondage and aching ass and tits. This is where Part 2 ends.


Clip is 18 minutes and 42 seconds in duration

Courtney Mummified Gag Doll - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... A red ballgag is shoved in Courtney's mouth and strapped in tight. The gag gets tighter when he wraps vet wrap over the top of it. He now grabs a roll of wide gray tape and continues taping her to the chair. After taping her for a while, he removes her gag and replaces it with a pump gag. Her cheeks bulge as he squeezes the bulb. He then wraps black electrical tape around her mouth and under her chin. He adds some thinner white tape around the base of her tits this time. He then removes her pump gag, and replaces it with a a tight cleave gag. He continues binding her tits with white tape. He must not think her gag is tight enough, because he wraps black tape over the top and then continues wrapping her entire head with it. He stands behind her groping and manhandling her bound tits for a while, before he removes her current gag. A pair of panties are shoved in her mouth next and micro-foam tape holds them in place. The masked man, then continues wrapping her body in the gray tape. He then uses an entire roll of vetwrap over her already tight gag. Poor Courtney looks miserable as her captor continues to wrap tape over her body, making her bondage more stringent. Courtney's face looks a little bit purple by the time he removes her gag. This is where Part 2 ends.

Clip is 22 minutes and 59 seconds in duration

Casino: Gag Interrogation for Sahrye -  Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Ace walks up behind Sahrye with a wide Ace(lol) bandage and tightly cleave gags her with it. She is not happy about this, but only gives him a little resistance. He then removes her handcuffs and tapes her wrists before he continues adding tape to her upper body. It's not long before you can see the panic on her face from the tightness of the gag. Ace makes the gag worse by adding several wraps of black tape over the cleave gag! Ace leaves her to endure the gag. Sahrye breathes heavily as she concentrates and deals with her strict bondage and even more strict gag. Ace finally returns and removes the gag. Although Sahrye is clearly in distress, she remains defiant. Ace walks away and returns with a huge cleaning sponge. Yes, you guessed it. He shoves it in her mouth and tapes it in with the clear tape again. He continues adding more and more tape, including her hands, which are almost completely taped up as well. Her eyes start to get glossy. Ace then wraps her face with some very clear wide tape. Ace leaves her like this. Sahrye moans in agony now as she endures the strict tape bondage and the complete mouth filling sponge gag. A few tears tainted with mascara start to run from under the clear tape. She is completely immobilized other than her head. Ace had to run off to take care of some business or It would have been tied back in some fashion as well. At the end of the clip I added the footage of Sahrye being ballgagged before the actual clip starts and I added a deleted scene where I taped up her neck, but I did it a little to tight and I had to remove it. Sahrye was wearing the sponge gag.

Clip is 26 minutes and 6 seconds in duration

Angelique is Prepared for Transport - Part 2

The clip starts where Part 1 ended... Angelique's captor releases her wrists from the bottom of the post and removes the length of pipe. She watches, wondering what he has planned next. He pulls a cart up, with what looks like field goal up rights in the center. He lowers her onto the cart with her hips over the crossbar, forcing her ass into the air. He quickly bolts on another attachment which gives him more tie off points. Her arms are cruelly tied perpendicular to her torso and tied off. A rope is tied off to her chest harness and tied to the upper crossbar. Another rope is tied to her wrists and then tied down to a tie off point on the front of the cart. Her hands and thumbs are tied and then tied off to her crotchrope. Her ankles are tied to the pipe running from the back of the cart up to the up rights in the center. She is then left on the cart for a while. Her captor finally returns. He opens the double doors and pulls her out into the hallway and down several long hallways.

Clip is 18 minutes and 17 seconds in duration