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ATTENTION!!!! Yesterday technical problems developed on the server. They are preventing new members from signing up and preventing members from logging in. I will try and fix the login problem. Luckily, I have been working on a brand new site. Although not completely ready, I have decided to just make the move instead of trying to fix the current site. This will take a few days, so please be patient while the move is made.

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8-14-2014 ~ Updated - 5 clips Posted. 

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Yes, I know the site is a PITA right now, but hopefully that will change soon. I had a local developer that was supposed to be working on it, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Like everything else, I'll do it myself. It's just going to take longer than I would have liked.


There are approximately a total of 60 image sets posted in the members area... Mostly really old sets of Christina Carter, Nikki Dublais, Nicole davidson, Sweet T, and many others.

9-1-2011 ~ New Format In Effect!

**Please Read** For those of you that are members of my Yahoo group, you knew this was coming. Starting today I am changing how is updated. I'm starting today, Sept 1st, with 10 videos. These Videos are the FULL length High Quality versions that I offer on my Clips4Sale store. The next update will be in 2 weeks on 9-15-2011. At that time the oldest 5 Videos will be removed and 5 New ones will take there place. The site will be updated with 5 New clips every week after that and the oldest 5 will be removed.

Images: I will start posting all of the image sets I have ever done in a new area on the site. As of today. 9-1-2011, there are none, but I will continue to upload them as time permits. Once I upload an image set, It will stay up permanently.

Cost: Yes the price will increase. The clips I'm uploading range in length from 15 min to an hour in length. They are very large files. The newest clips are also 1920 x 720 HD. If you have an old computer, you might experience choppy playback, although I have only had 1 complaint about this so far. Having said this, bandwidth and server costs will increase for me and the membership costs will increase. I'm planning on $24.99 for the 1st month and then $19.99 recurring. I will most likely offer a $99.99 6 month option as well.

I will be adding preview links and Clip info, such as bitrate and length soon. You can access that info now at my Clips4Sale store.


Updates For 8-14-2014 Through 8-20-2014

Taylor's Test - Part 1

 This is Taylor's first visit, and like usual with first time models I just tie her up and see how she does. I start by binding her wrists behind her back. You can tell by the look on her face that Taylor loves being bound. We chit chat as I tie her. I neckrope her next and then start to smack her ass. You can tell by her moans that she like being spanked as well. So far so good! Soon I raise her skirt, revealing her orange satin panties, and continue spanking Taylor's perfect ass. I turn her back around and grope her tits. She tells me that she enjoys being manhandled as well. I crotchrope Taylor and she mentions that she'll probably make a mess of the panties... once again, she seems perfect. I continue asking questions as I bind her. After I have some rope under her ass cheeks, I turn her around again and smack her ass again for a while. Once done, I grab and turn her any which way I want by her tit. I expose her tits and once again start slapping and groping them. Taylor moans and thanks me. I add several bands of rope to her upper legs, before I once again smack her ass and grope her. At the end of the clip, I untie her neckrope and order her to take a seat.

Clip is 22 minutes and 5 seconds in duration

Crossed Elbows Hogtie For Summer - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I release Summer from her neckrope and make her sit in a chair. I bind her ankles crossed before I stuff 2 large pairs of panties in her mouth. I wrap tape around her head to make sure they stay there. I pick her up and place her face down on an old steamer trunk. She loses a shoe in the process. I then hogtie her. Summer is really whimpering and grunting as I hogtie her and it gets a little more intense when I tie the hogtie rope overhead, which makes her hogtie way more strict. I then leave Summer to endure the bondage and the intense summer heat. Sweat drips down her face as she waits to be released. I return and she thinks she'll get that release, but instead I tape her head back, once again making her bondage even more stringent. I leave once again. She can't really struggle, but she twitches and moans as her other shoe dangles on her foot. She finally loses it and the clip ends shortly after.


Clip is 17 minutes and 52 seconds in duration

Rin Transported to The Woods and Tree Tied - Part 2

The clip starts where Part 1 ended... Soon Rin's captor returns. He removes her gag. Before he regags her he ties a rope into her hair. He then gags her with an old rag before taping it in. He grabs more rope. He adds a crotchrope and then ties it off up high to another tree very tightly. He then ties her hair back to the tree, before he pulls her ankles back beside the base of the tree. He ties and cinches them. He walks away and leaves Rin to struggle an moan. He returns with clover clamps. He applies them just to the side of her nipples. He takes care of a few loose ends before he ties the clamps down towards the ground to a branch. Even though Rin screams through the gag as the clamps stretch her nipples, the tears are from something in her eyes. Her eyes burn as her makeup runs down her face. As if her bondage wasn't thorough enough, he ties her thumbs and also tightens up her hair tie. He walks off leaving poor Rin completely bound and helpless in the middle of no where.

Clip is 23 minutes and 32 seconds in duration

Safa Ball-Hog-Tied -  Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I show Safa a huge cleaning sponge which is to be her gag. I get the entire thing in her mouth and then I wrap black tape around her head to make sure it stays there. I leave her there to make more preparations. It's not long before I can tell that she's not doing to well with the gag. I quickly remove it. Her eyes are watery and I give her a few moments to recuperate. I strap in a ballgag instead. I then cut away her pretty blouse and start binding her tits. This is the 1st time they have ever been bound and she enjoys the sensation of this as well. I grab her by her hair once again and grope her bound tits and nipples. Soon after, I put Safa on the floor. I tie her right leg back, like a hogtie. I then tie her left knee up to her chest... Kind of like a balltie. Safa is not very flexible and you can tell by the way she moans as I rope her into position. I leave her there for a while. I'm unhappy with her struggling... I want to see more effort. I have a thin wooded paddle (actually a wooden shorehorn) and I offer her some encouragement by slapping her feet and tits with it. She begs me to stop through her gag and she really starts struggling now! I'd say it's safe to assume that she does NOT like this part of the shoot. After a while of this I leave her once again. She eventually stops struggling again, so I nipple clamp her. She really starts struggling again!! She screams and begs me to remove them. I feel like being a nice guy, so I do. I leave her to struggle on the dirty concrete floor for a while longer. I eventually return to untie her legs and remove her gag. I play with her bound tits as she recovers and works her jaw.

Clip is 25 minutes and 48 seconds in duration

Vicious Vamp's Strict Stappado - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I help Vicious Vamp up out of her chair and over to the post. I bend her over and tie her wrists off to it up high. I wrap a few more ropes above and below her tits and tie them off overhead as well. There is a table right behind the post and I tie her bound tits to the bottom of the table legs. I then start binding her arms more securely to the post. I step back and take a look at her bondage and realize that her right tit isn't pulled down as tight as the left, so I fix that. I remove her gag and then slap her ass a few times. I add a crotchrope to her bondage as well. I sit back and enjoy her predicament and my work for a while. She does her best to endure the uncomfortable bondage. This is where Part 2 ends.

Clip is 17 minutes and 51 seconds in duration