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7-25-2014 ~ Updated - 5 clips Posted. 

Login Problems!!!! If you have them realize that there is now a human test captcha system on the Members Login Page. You must click on the 4 pics of women before you can login. 

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Yes, I know the site is a PITA right now, but hopefully that will change soon. I had a local developer that was supposed to be working on it, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Like everything else, I'll do it myself. It's just going to take longer than I would have liked.


There are approximately a total of 60 image sets posted in the members area... Mostly really old sets of Christina Carter, Nikki Dublais, Nicole davidson, Sweet T, and many others.

9-1-2011 ~ New Format In Effect!

**Please Read** For those of you that are members of my Yahoo group, you knew this was coming. Starting today I am changing how is updated. I'm starting today, Sept 1st, with 10 videos. These Videos are the FULL length High Quality versions that I offer on my Clips4Sale store. The next update will be in 2 weeks on 9-15-2011. At that time the oldest 5 Videos will be removed and 5 New ones will take there place. The site will be updated with 5 New clips every week after that and the oldest 5 will be removed.

Images: I will start posting all of the image sets I have ever done in a new area on the site. As of today. 9-1-2011, there are none, but I will continue to upload them as time permits. Once I upload an image set, It will stay up permanently.

Cost: Yes the price will increase. The clips I'm uploading range in length from 15 min to an hour in length. They are very large files. The newest clips are also 1920 x 720 HD. If you have an old computer, you might experience choppy playback, although I have only had 1 complaint about this so far. Having said this, bandwidth and server costs will increase for me and the membership costs will increase. I'm planning on $24.99 for the 1st month and then $19.99 recurring. I will most likely offer a $99.99 6 month option as well.

I will be adding preview links and Clip info, such as bitrate and length soon. You can access that info now at my Clips4Sale store.


Updates For 7-24-2014 Through 7-30-2014

Courtney's Severe Tape Bondage - Part 1

 Courtney stands against a post in a dark dirty room. she can't go anywhere as her wrists are bound behind her back and around the post. She whimpers and struggles a bit. Her head turns sharply when she hears a door close. Soon the lights are turned on. A masked man walks up with a spray bottle and starts sparing her with some kind of oil. He then rubs it into her tan skin. He takes some time to grope and slap her tits. Her ankles are tied, and then the man delights in groping and manhandling Courtney. He yanks up on her panties. They disappear deep into her pussy as he continues groping her oiled up tits. He soon rips her panties off and then grabs a roll of plastic wrap. He starts at her ankles and tightly starts bindingCourtney to the post with it. He even wraps her head with it to the post. Courtney cannot move a muscle now, except for maybe her fingers. He'll take care of that later. Clear tape is next. He makes wrap after wrap with the clear tape, making courtney's bondage even more severe and restrictive. He eventually stops, and removes the plastic wrap on her face. He removes her gag, but it's only so he can gag her with something different. He shoves a pump gag in her mouth and inflates it. Her cheeks bulge out from the invading bladder. He uses black tape to make sure it stays in place... Lots of it. More and more wraps of clear tape are used to secure Courtney to the post. This is where Part 1 ends.

Clip is 24 minutes and 44 seconds in duration

Jolie Rain's Test - Part 1

Jolie wants to be a FutileStruggles model, so as usual, I run her through a little test shoot. She is spanked, gagged, manhandled, and tightly bound. I start by tying a rope around her neck and tying it overhead to keep her where I want her. She starts off a little feisty. I smack her ass and tell her not to fight me and she quickly realizes that that would be in her best interest. I smack her ass again, before grabbing one of her massive tits through her sweater and turning her around. I smack her ass again. I grope her tits through her soft fuzzy sweater before pulling them out. I grab some rope and start the binding her. I start with a waist and crotchrope. More rope is tied under her ass cheeks. I then continue adding bands of cinched rope down her legs. Jolie makes great sexy facial expressions as she's being bound. Once I get to her knees, I stop. I want to smack her ass again now that she is roped. I turn her around and start smacking her ass hard. Jolie has a nice ass, but a little rope makes it even better! I remove her neck rope and pull up a chair for Jolie. This is where Part 1 ends.


Clip is 17 minutes and 13 seconds in duration

Equestrian Demoted to PonyGirl - Part 1

Courtney has been slacking. She's been showing up for practice late and has even been showing up to events hungover. Her boss invites her over to the stable house to address the issues at hand. He offers her a cup of tea and then explains that she is to be demoted. She is not happy and says she'll just quit. He's prepared for this and shows her that she is under contract and not allowed to quit. He has to much money invested in the horse and her training to just let her quit. One thing leads to another and soon he is groping Courtney. She ends up hogcuffed and ballgagged struggling on the floor. At the end of the clip, she is released from the hogcuff and walked out of the room.

Clip is 28 minutes and 30 seconds in duration

Summer's Agonizing Post Tie -  Part 2

SThis clip starts where Part ended... I roughly grab Summer's tits as I snip away her bra and blouse with a pair of scissors. I then add some of the tightest breast bondage that I have ever done to her. I then tie each of her tits up and out to the side, making it even tighter. I tie her elbows together behind the post and then I tie them to a ring bolted to the post. I tie her wrists up as well. Summer really shows off her flexibility here. Even though she's tied solidly to a straight post, her arms are pulled up behind her way past horizontal. She realizes she is in trouble now and she starts to get a little more vocal, moaning and yelping. I untie her, hair and retie it piggytail style. Each side is then pulled tight and tied off to the same point as her tits. Her head is forced back some and is being pulled from each side, which really limits her mobility. Now she really starts moaning in agony, and I'm no where near done with her! I clamp her nipples with clover clamps. Soon I am tying a thin rope to them and pulling them tight and tying them off to a ring up and out from her. Her muffled cries and moans get louder still! She begs through her gag not to pull on them, but today I show no mercy. Her tits are bound so tight that the clamps barely have anything to grip, so I can't pull the clamps as tightly as I would have liked. I sit back and enjoy the view for a while. It's not long before the right clamp slides and slips off. By now Summer's cries and moans make me feel a little sorry for her. I remove the other clamp and then cut the rope pulling her tits up. I was going to release her, but I quickly change my mind. I tie a rope around one of her big toes and I tie it off down and out in front to a hitching ring. I tie her other toe up to her ankles. I decide I am done with her at this point and I leave Summer sobbing, moaning, drooling, crying, and in agony.

Clip is 28 minutes and 56 seconds in duration

Fayth Punished with Thin Wire - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Fayth is bound tightly with more and more thin wire. It really digs in as you can tell by Fayth's bulging flesh between the wraps. Wire is also wrapped just above her mouth. securing her head to the post. More and more wire is added above and below and then across her perky tits. Another length of wire secures her forehead to the post. Fayth cannot move at all now. I manhandle her helpless body just a bit before I leave her to endure her brutal bondage. A few tears stream as she does. I return eventually, but not to release her. I instead smack her tits and ass with a wooden stick. This gets the tears flowing a bit more. Soon after I cut her free of the wire and order her to her knees. I remove her gag and tell her to stay there until I return.

Clip is 34 minutes and 5 seconds in duration