Updates For 4-17-2014 Through 4-23-2014

Chi Chi Taps Out - Part 1

 Chi Chi wants to be a FutileStruggles model, so like usual, I set up a test shoot to see how she does. I lead her into the studio by her hair. I immediately neckrope her and tie it off overhead. Chi Chi yelps and whimpers as I start manhandling her and slapping her firm ass. I can tell she's going to need a gag, so a red ballgag is tightly strapped in. I continue slapping her ass as I use one of her tits to handle her. I rip her shirt off before I order her to spread her legs. I then continue groping and slapping her ass. I grab a bundle of rope and wrap it around her waist multiple times, before crotchroping her. More rope is run up under her ass cheeks. Once again, I start smacking her ass again, noting the difference between how her ass felt before and after the rope. I'm not spanking her overly hard, but her ass seems to be bruising easily and a few tears flow down her cheeks. I grab more rope and start working my way down her legs. Between the tight bondage on her legs and the 6 inch heels she's wearing, it's hard for her to stand still. Soon after starting on her legs I take her ballgag out. Once I have her thighs tied and cinched in 4 places, I remove her neckrope and I have her sit in a chair. She's had a break from being gagged and it's time for her second gag. I cleave gag her with an ace bandage. I let her get used to it as I finish tying her lower legs. I then add a few wraps of black tape over her cleave gag. She was struggling with the gag before, and I just made it even tighter. I tell her she won't have to wear it long. It's a test shoot, so I just want to see how she does with it. Once the black tape is added her whimpers and yelps definitely increase in their intensity. After a bit, I remove her gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

Clip is 23 minutes and 43 seconds in duration

She Likes the Neckrope - Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Lisa is seated in a chair and I am soon behind her with a huge washing sponge. It doesn't completely fit, but her mouth is stuffed. I secure it in place with many wraps of black tape. I slide a table over next to her. I lift her and place her face down on it. Lisa moans and grunts through her gag as I finish tying her ankles and feet. Her grunts intensify as she is pulled into a stringent hogtie incorporating her crotchrope. Before I can even finish the hogtie though Lisa taps out, so there is not really any footage of her hogtied.


Clip is 12 minutes and 50 seconds in duration

Summer's Tight HogZip - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Summer's captor lowers the hoist and makes her take a seat. He walks away and as she sits. She is relieved that the tension is off her wrists, but they still hurt. He finally releases her arms from the hoist completely. She is relieved, but it will be short lived. He tells her that he will remove the ties from her wrists and that she is to immediately put them behind her back, which she wisely does. He starts ziptying her arms in the same way he did her legs, cinching everything with the smaller zipties. He adds a few more around the back of her neck going through the elbow ones. Her gag is not as effective by now because of all her sweat. He fixes that by wrapping vetwrap and more tape over the top. He then adds more zipties and Summer is soon chicken winged with the zipties. He tries to ziptie her tits but soon realizes that she's to sweaty and greasy. He adds ties above and below her tits and then squeezes them together with the smaller ties. He notices that the gag is loosening again from all the sweat, so he removes it and cleave gags her with an ace bandage. This gag will not be affected by her sweat, but he wraps tape over top just to be sure. This is where Part 2 ends.

Clip is 20 minutes and 7 seconds in duration

Eden's Dream - HogTaped -  Part 1

As Told by Eden... I had this really weird dream last night. It was pretty scary, but very erotic at the same time. I dreamed that I was sleeping. A man in a white lab coat mounted me from behind, grabbed my wrists and taped them together. He then roughly wrapped the same tape through my mouth and around my head multiple times. My ankles got the same treatment. He then disapperaed for just a short while, but soon returned. He smacked my ass and roughly squeezed and groped my tits. Then he got the tape out again. This time he taped my ankles to my upper thighs. If I wasn't taped up enough, He completely taped my hands and then completely taped them to my feet. I was now Hogtied, but with Tape! Just when I thought he was done he came back and added more... He must have missed a spot. He then ripped my nice nighty exposing and then roughly slapping and grabbing mmy tit. Once again he left me. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was observing me. I felt like I was some kind of experiment. I struggled in the tape, but could barely move. Apparently I still had too much movement for his liking, because he returned with the tape again! This time he pulled my head back by my hair and then ran the tape from my feet over my mouth and forehead. Now I literally could not move an inch. He left me once again to twitch and moan in this excruciatingly tight bondage. He finally returned and started to remove the tape. He removed the tape connecting my hands and feet and I thought he would release me... But he didn't. I'll tell you more tomorrow... This is where Part 1 ends.

Clip is 14 minutes and 45 seconds in duration

Ashley Graham's Test, 400 Feet of Rope and 3 Gags - Part 1

Ashley wants to be a FutileStruggles model, but I'm not sure how she'll hold up. I decide to do a little test and see how she does. The clip starts with just her wrists tied and a neck rope forcing her to stay standing. The first thing I do is gag her. I literally have to force huge ball in her mouth. It is a tight foam, so it has a little give. I then tape it in with clear tape, although, it's such a tight fit, I don't know if it is even necessary. I grab a bundle of rope and start tying. She gets a tight crotchrope and then her thighs are tied in 3 places. I add 2 wide bands of rope to secure her legs below her knees. I release her from the neckrope and sit her in a chair. The clip was supposed to have ended here, but I split it wrong and there is more footage of me removing the huge ball that has been in her mouth for the last 17 minutes. I also stuff a shop rag in its place and start to tape it in... Then the clip ends

Clip is 17 minutes and 26 seconds in duration

Updates For 4-10-2014 Through 4-16-2014

Jolie's Big Tits Bounce as She Hops to the Work Shop to Be Ziptied - Part 3

 This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I grab the clear tape and tape Jolie's head completely to the post. Nose hooks come next. They are attached to the nails I hammered into the post earlier. Hooks tug at her nose from the sides as well. I walk away and leave Jolie to endure her bondage while I grab a beverage. About the last 6 min of the clip is behind the scenes footage of Jolie being released from her bondage.

Clip is 19 minutes and 11 seconds in duration

Don't Fuck With Family - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Mystic Moon struggles and moans for a while as her captor watches. He's not done with her yet. He removes her gag after she starts choking on it. He tells her he'll leave it out if she can stay quiet. As he's tying her feet, she screams and moans. She talks and her screams intensify as he hogties her on her side. Obviously she can't stay quiet. He adds a punishing gag consisting of an ace bandage and duct tape. She thinks the bondage and gag are bad, but then he hooks her nose. He sits back and watches he captive for a while as she screams and twitches in agony. Now that she's all packaged up, she'll be leaving with him today. This is where Part 2 ends. NOTES: This is a very intense clip. Mystic Moon does not have a very high tolerance, but she pushes herself. Lots of crying and intense screaming through her gag all through Part 1 and 2 of this clip.


Clip is 14 minutes and 52 seconds in duration

4 Positions and 2 Gags For Lexy Mae - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Lexi's captor removes her gag. He then unties her wrists and reties them once again. This time they are tied crossed. He creates a chest harness, accentuating her tits. He then attempts to gag Lexy with two shop rags, but ends up just using one. He makes sure it stays there by wrapping her head with clear tape. He then removes the spreader bar and puts Lexi on the dirty floor. He ties her ankles crossed and then he ties her elbows. Lexy is then Hogtied and left of the floor. I included some behind the scenes footage and I also added a deleted scene of lexy in a little breast bondage. I'm not overly happy with the production quality of this clip, but if you like Lexy, then you'll love this clip.

Clip is 26 minutes and 59 seconds in duration

Fayth's Tight Hogtie -  Part 1

Fayth prides herself on being a balloon popping master. One day I challenged her to a balloon popping contest. It took her 5 min to pop hers and she even cheated. I let her pick out the balloon that I was to pop and I did it in under 2 minutes, despite having no prior balloon popping experience. She claims the balloon must have been a dud, but it doesn't matter. Since she lost she gets to experience a nice tight hogtie. Fayth doesn't care though, she enjoys being bound, although maybe not quite as tight as I am going tie. She maybe also doesn't want to be tied in 100 degree heat on a dirty floor, but that's to bad. The clip starts with fayth standing in a sweater(Yes a sweater) and jean skirt, with her hair tied snugly overhead. She looks a little nervous for some reason. I am soon behind her and shoving a large red ballgag in her mouth. Before I start tying her, I have a little fun. I grope and manhandle the inferior balloon popper and then I turn her around and smack her ass. She does have a very nice spankable ass, and I tell her that later. Yes, It was 100 degrees and I made her wear a sweater, but I cut it off. I rip it right down the middle so I can grope her sweaty tits without it in my way. I lift her skirt and now start smacking her panty clad ass. I grab a bundle of rope and start to tie her, but before I do, I pull her skirt completely off to get it out of my way. I start the way I usually do by wrapping the rope around her waist and between her legs. Fayth is very expressive as I bind her and it starts right away as I tighten the rope between her legs. I continue and end up with a harness that runs under her ass cheeks with really accentuates it. I turn her around and smack her ass a few more times. I could do that all day, but I have a lot more rope to apply, but before I do, I add some heavy duty clamps to her nipples. I grab more rope and continue binding Fayth. I start at her upper thighs and start working my way down... adding many cinched bands of rope. I add a few more clamps to her nipples and then I enjoy smacking her ass a few more times. I raise the hoist that her hair is tied to a little bit more. That gets her attention. I now start binding her upper body. By the time I'm done, a nice chest harness has been applied. I was going to take her down, but I get another idea. Fayth has no choice in the matter and all she can do is go along with it as drool streams down her chin from behind her gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

Clip is 31 minutes and 54 seconds in duration

It's Fun to Torture Polly - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I untie Polly's right leg. She might think I'm letting her go, but she'd be wrong. I instead use the same rope to tie her leg off to a ring bolted to the post above her head. She's now forced to stand on just her left leg, which is still pulled out to the side and tied to the table leg. Polly starts to sweat! I help her out a little by tying rope around the back of her thigh, around her torso, and around the back of the post. I cinch everything up of course. By the time I'm done, Polly is REALLY struggling to stay on her 1 leg. She is continually shifting her weight, bending her knee and straightening it out. I decide to help her out with this. I tie another length of rope to her crotch rope and then tie it to the same ring that her right ankle is tied to... and she thought that the concrete block digging into her pussy was bad! Her left leg does get some relief though. I clamp her nipples again. this time I use clover clamps. I tie a string to each of them and then tie them off tightly to the floor and to her left ankle rope. I'm still not done with her though... I tie a rope around her neck and then tie it off overhead and to the left. Polly is really in agony at this point... She is still struggling to stand as she endures the crotch rope. She trembles as the sweat beads form and drip off her brow. After a while, I release her from the crotchrope, clamps, and gag.

Clip is 20 minutes and 23 seconds in duration