Updates For 8-14-2014 Through 8-20-2014

Taylor's Test - Part 1

 This is Taylor's first visit, and like usual with first time models I just tie her up and see how she does. I start by binding her wrists behind her back. You can tell by the look on her face that Taylor loves being bound. We chit chat as I tie her. I neckrope her next and then start to smack her ass. You can tell by her moans that she like being spanked as well. So far so good! Soon I raise her skirt, revealing her orange satin panties, and continue spanking Taylor's perfect ass. I turn her back around and grope her tits. She tells me that she enjoys being manhandled as well. I crotchrope Taylor and she mentions that she'll probably make a mess of the panties... once again, she seems perfect. I continue asking questions as I bind her. After I have some rope under her ass cheeks, I turn her around again and smack her ass again for a while. Once done, I grab and turn her any which way I want by her tit. I expose her tits and once again start slapping and groping them. Taylor moans and thanks me. I add several bands of rope to her upper legs, before I once again smack her ass and grope her. At the end of the clip, I untie her neckrope and order her to take a seat.

Clip is 22 minutes and 5 seconds in duration

Crossed Elbows Hogtie For Summer - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I release Summer from her neckrope and make her sit in a chair. I bind her ankles crossed before I stuff 2 large pairs of panties in her mouth. I wrap tape around her head to make sure they stay there. I pick her up and place her face down on an old steamer trunk. She loses a shoe in the process. I then hogtie her. Summer is really whimpering and grunting as I hogtie her and it gets a little more intense when I tie the hogtie rope overhead, which makes her hogtie way more strict. I then leave Summer to endure the bondage and the intense summer heat. Sweat drips down her face as she waits to be released. I return and she thinks she'll get that release, but instead I tape her head back, once again making her bondage even more stringent. I leave once again. She can't really struggle, but she twitches and moans as her other shoe dangles on her foot. She finally loses it and the clip ends shortly after.


Clip is 17 minutes and 52 seconds in duration

Rin Transported to The Woods and Tree Tied - Part 2

The clip starts where Part 1 ended... Soon Rin's captor returns. He removes her gag. Before he regags her he ties a rope into her hair. He then gags her with an old rag before taping it in. He grabs more rope. He adds a crotchrope and then ties it off up high to another tree very tightly. He then ties her hair back to the tree, before he pulls her ankles back beside the base of the tree. He ties and cinches them. He walks away and leaves Rin to struggle an moan. He returns with clover clamps. He applies them just to the side of her nipples. He takes care of a few loose ends before he ties the clamps down towards the ground to a branch. Even though Rin screams through the gag as the clamps stretch her nipples, the tears are from something in her eyes. Her eyes burn as her makeup runs down her face. As if her bondage wasn't thorough enough, he ties her thumbs and also tightens up her hair tie. He walks off leaving poor Rin completely bound and helpless in the middle of no where.

Clip is 23 minutes and 32 seconds in duration

Safa Ball-Hog-Tied -  Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I show Safa a huge cleaning sponge which is to be her gag. I get the entire thing in her mouth and then I wrap black tape around her head to make sure it stays there. I leave her there to make more preparations. It's not long before I can tell that she's not doing to well with the gag. I quickly remove it. Her eyes are watery and I give her a few moments to recuperate. I strap in a ballgag instead. I then cut away her pretty blouse and start binding her tits. This is the 1st time they have ever been bound and she enjoys the sensation of this as well. I grab her by her hair once again and grope her bound tits and nipples. Soon after, I put Safa on the floor. I tie her right leg back, like a hogtie. I then tie her left knee up to her chest... Kind of like a balltie. Safa is not very flexible and you can tell by the way she moans as I rope her into position. I leave her there for a while. I'm unhappy with her struggling... I want to see more effort. I have a thin wooded paddle (actually a wooden shorehorn) and I offer her some encouragement by slapping her feet and tits with it. She begs me to stop through her gag and she really starts struggling now! I'd say it's safe to assume that she does NOT like this part of the shoot. After a while of this I leave her once again. She eventually stops struggling again, so I nipple clamp her. She really starts struggling again!! She screams and begs me to remove them. I feel like being a nice guy, so I do. I leave her to struggle on the dirty concrete floor for a while longer. I eventually return to untie her legs and remove her gag. I play with her bound tits as she recovers and works her jaw.

Clip is 25 minutes and 48 seconds in duration

Vicious Vamp's Strict Stappado - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I help Vicious Vamp up out of her chair and over to the post. I bend her over and tie her wrists off to it up high. I wrap a few more ropes above and below her tits and tie them off overhead as well. There is a table right behind the post and I tie her bound tits to the bottom of the table legs. I then start binding her arms more securely to the post. I step back and take a look at her bondage and realize that her right tit isn't pulled down as tight as the left, so I fix that. I remove her gag and then slap her ass a few times. I add a crotchrope to her bondage as well. I sit back and enjoy her predicament and my work for a while. She does her best to endure the uncomfortable bondage. This is where Part 2 ends.

Clip is 17 minutes and 51 seconds in duration

Updates For 8-7-2014 Through 8-13-2014

Courtney's Severe Tape Bondage - Part 2

 This clip starts where Part 1 ended... The masked man tapes up Courtney's hands. If she did have any chance of escape, it's gone now. He once again plastic wraps her head to the post, but much more thoroughly this time. He doesn't want her going anywhere. He gropes her tits before clamping them. Courtney's whimpers intensify as the clamps are added, but she doesn't move an inch... she can't. Courtney is pretty close to being completely mummified and He leaves her to endure it. At the end of the clip he returns. He removes the clamps, gag and all the tape and plastic wrap. He orders her to her knees with her arms still tied around it. He leaves her in this uncomfortable position before he cuts the tape off her ankles. He brings her legs out in front of her and orders her to spread them. An open mouth gag keeps Courtney's mouth open wide. He gropes and manhandles his captive before finally leaving once again. The lights go out. This is where Part 2 ends. A little behind the scenes footage is also at the end of the clip.

Clip is 23 minutes and 23 seconds in duration

Jolie Rain's Test - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I remove Jolie's neckrope and leave her seated to get a gag. When I return, I grab her by her hair and order her to open her mouth wide. Yes, I believe the ball gag I have selected will indeed fit. It takes a little nudging, but finally slips in nicely... Perfect fit! It is then strapped in tight. Jolie's bountiful tits are bound next. I remove her ball gag. Jolie is quite thankful as she stretches her jaw after I remove it. I, of course, can't resist slapping and groping her tits, after they are tightly tied. I the turn my attention back to her legs. I thoroughly bind her legs below her knees. This is where Part 2 ends.


Clip is 13 minutes and 48 seconds in duration

Equestrian Demoted to PonyGirl - Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Courtney is taken to a small room with a mirror and told to put in the supplied contact lenses. Once the contacts are in Courtney is surprised and freaked out that she is now completely blinded. She is brought back out to the main room now and ordered to strip. Courtney's balance is completely off. She struggles to get her clothing and boots off, but she finally manages. Now fully nude, she's ordered to put her arms behind her back and to wait. Even though she's not physically bound, the contacts blinding her keep her from trying to move. Soon her Boss is buckling her new uniform on her. It is a PonyGirl body harness. He walks away again after the harness is on. Courtney plays with the crotch strap. It is tight and pinching her poor pussy. He returns with a single sleeve. He orders her to turn around and then it is slid over her arms, laced and buckled tight. His new Ponygirl needs exercise, and she needs to learn to prance properly, so her has her prance in place, bringing her knees as high as possible while he holds her by her hair... I mean her mane. She's also going to have to be able to jump over obstacles, so he has her hop in place while he slaps her tits. After her exercises, he pulls up a chair and orders her to sit. He leaves his blind Pony momentarily, but soon returns. He puts her feet back in her boots and zips them back up. Now that's she's sitting, the leather crotch strap has really tightened... you can see the anguish on her face. This is where Part 2 ends.

Clip is 19 minutes and 9 seconds in duration

Crossed Elbows Hogtie For Summer -  Part 1

Summer is in trouble again. I don't trust her being home alone so she needs to be restrained. I am also not happy with her, so I'm going to make sure that she's not comfortable either. The clip starts with Summer standing neckroped and her wrists bound behind her back. I walk into the scene and manhandle her for a bit before I grab more rope. I spend some time adding rope to her upper body as Summer does her best to balance herself. I decide to be nice and give her a little more support. I tie her tits and tie them off overhead. By her reactions, I don't think she appreciates the help??? Oh well, I soon untie her wrists and push her elbows together... I keep going until her elbows are crossed. That's better and looks much more uncomfortable! I tie them that way. Summer starts to sweat and continues moaning and whimpering. I take a break and leave her to endure the bondage. When I return, I remove the ropes from her left tit... only to put it right back on. It didn't look tight enough. Once that is done I sit back and enjoy the view. I order her to turn in a circle for our enjoyment. She doesn't seem to happy about her predicament.

Clip is 40 minutes and 28 seconds in duration

Vicious Vamp's Strict Stappado - Part 1

This clip starts with Vicious Vamp tied to a chair. I immediately stuff a large foam ball in her mouth. I wrap tape around her head multiple times to make sure it stays there. Her blouse is a little small and her tits are about the burst out. For safeties sake, I unbutton it as I don't want the flying button to put out somebody's eye. I leave her to struggle, but she won't be getting free. She is tied very tightly at her waist to the chair. Her wrists and ankles are also very secure. After a while, I return. Her bra is too tight as well. Wearing a bra this tight could give her a headache and I don't want that, so I cut it off for her. I squeeze her huge tits and give them each a few slaps as well. I tie a length of rope in her hair and then I decide I'm going to make her a new bra! I bind each tit separately. I continue running the rope up and over her shoulders and down to the chair. Her breathing gets heavier now. I give each tit a slap and grab before leaving her once again. When I return, I stretch 5 or 6 rubber bands over her already bound tits. I then start giving her huge tits a little more attention. I start slapping them back and forth. She really hates this as you can tell by her reactions. Her feet raise and slam on the floor as she screams and whimpers through her gag. I stop and leave her once again. When I return, I untie her waist from the chair, before I perform a little test. I want to see how well my homemade bra works. I order her to bounce her bound tits for you. She complies and really tries to bounce them. This is where Part 1 ends.

Clip is 20 minutes and 10 seconds in duration